Juvenile Delinquency

Mr. Gold and J. Peronio define that juvenile delinquency is one’s unmature acton that violates law awarely. It is known by him/her.  If his action known by official of law. He will be given punishment.

If this definition is used, juvenile delinquency is very limited. Whereas, as all of behaviors that deviate from the regulation that prevails in society. Regulation norm, ethic, school and family regulation, etc can be mentioned as behavior deviation. They can make juvenile become delinquencies that more serious, more over it violate the law when she/he has been adult. On the other hand, in psychology development ang mentality healthy of teenagers, we must define delinquency deeply.

What is the relationship between love and steady and juvenile delinquency? Peole who feel and do going steady are the people who their feeling colonized by whine and profuse love. Their feeling never compose. They like threatening, intimidating, scaring off, fighting and killing others. Those are reality, not imagination. We can see around us, on TV, newspaper and magazine, many people do them because loving and defending their boy/girl friend. They do them because want to get theirs that was seized the others. Not only that, but also most of people who do going steady do free sex and abortion and want to commit suicide. All of them can bring to juvenile delinquency and criminal and forget the true love (Love to Allah SWT).

Many people still said that going steady has advantages such plumbing before getting married, increasing motivation, becoming left behind of new life style, etc. But all of the reason only as purpose to find statement that can condone it. For example, plumbing before getting married, may be they never know many married couple who did going steady at long time before getting married can not defend their household, how many teenagers asked about marriage answer that they have not thought about that. So, going steady must not be done absolutely plumbing is long life adaptation, and so is motivation reason, going steady that become motivation is precisely obstacle to their main goal. Time, thought, and energy are divided because of it, so that they are not focus on their target that they want. It is not also eternal motivation because it ca lose if their couple has gone.

As Moslems, we must observe something halal or haram before we observe its advantages, so does going steady, in Islamic regulation there are several verses forbid going steady, such as :

“Say to the believing men and women to turn away their eyes (From what is unlawful) and to restrain their sexual desires, This will make their lives purer. Allah has knowledge of all their actions.”

Remember that don’t ever go both between man and woman, and don’t ever a woen get traveling without her ‘muhrim’.”

Presented at MAKES, August 22nd 2006,

Written by Hajerah

Glossaries :

Juvenile      : Anak muda                       Going steady         : Pacaran

Delinquency : Kejahatan, Kenakalan    Teenager                                : remaja

Adult           : Dewasa

Source :

Thanks to Dr. Sarlito Wirawan Sarwono who wrote the book “Psikologi Remaja and Syaikh Ath-Thontowi who wrote “ Manajemen Cinta”

One of deviation that has made restlessness in our society is juvenile delinquency, and it’s right. As we see in our society, there are so many teenagers that act what they want without caring the rules and the politeness it often occurs that they disobey their parents’ commands.

“My son/daughter, I tell you not to go anywhere without get permission before”, said Mother. “Oh, Mom. I am adult now. I have known the consequences of my attitudes, I can manage my life by my self”. It’s always heard by us and always occur among us in the society, or maybe it’s happen on you, she, or he, we don’t know …

Juvenile delinquency consists of free sex, drug abuse, fighting among the teenagers, and there are many factors that cause them. The surroundings factor is the first caused, where there are many juveniles feel free to do anything they like with support from their friends without prohibition or caring of their family. Careless of their parents is one of factor of it, because for their son/daughter. “Going steady” is main factor of it, because they feel faithful of our teenagers, the subject matter of religion or how to associate with the other according to our religion that they have accept still less.

The impact of free act can make destroy our teenagers future, they lost their idea, why not, she/he is good child, always obey what their parents say, after be acquainted of free sex or drugs, anything is lost, she/he forgets all of advices of their parents or teachers. Beside that, it can erase the honorary of their family, they are avoided by their neighbor, their friends, so on.

We hope so that we avoided from it, but our task now, how to solve that trouble as a crisis moral which being faced by our country? How to face the teenager like that? And how far our role as a good parents, teachers, friend to face the teenager like that? And the last is how about “going steady”, do you agree…??

Presented at MAKES, August    2006

Glossaries :

Juvenile        : Anak muda                     Going steady : Pacaran

Delinquency  : Kejahatan, Kenakalan      Teenager      : remaja

Adult            : Dewasa

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