American Culture & Lifestyle

America is a democratic country: It has about 57 states which were ruled by its own law. So, it’s possible to have a different law in one and other states. America also has a different culture with the one we have in Indonesia. The school starts at beginning September and Ends at early June, It also has several Holidays through the entire school year, Such as winter break around December; Spring& Break around March; School Meeting for a day every two months; summer breaks for 3 months, starts at June to September. It also has several big celebration days, such as Halloween at October 31st; Hanukkah for Jewish, Thanksgiving at November 24th; Christmas at December 31st; New Year at January 1st; Valentine at February 14th; St. Patrick’s Day where everyone wear green as a symbol of leprechaun color; Easter day, Mother’s Day at May 8th; Victoria day in Canada at May 23rd; Father’s Day at June 19th; Independence day at July 4th; etc.

In the beginning of school year, school seldom held a Homecoming dance and elected a homecoming king and queen. By the end of October people usually dressed up at Halloween, kids go door to door yelling “treats or treat”, while teenager usually up for Halloween Dance at school. After Hanukkah, people get busy preparing meal and get invited or inviting other close relative or family for a Thanksgiving Dinner, Thanksgiving dinner is served by roasted Turkish and wine, Thanksgiving is a thank-you celebration for Indians, whose settled in America before the new-comers come and replaced the Indians, for their brave hearts.

Christmas at December is celebrated by not only Christians but also by the entire America as if it’s a national celebration, people starts to buy things for their close relatives, friends, siblings, office colleagues and important peoples in their life far before Christmas, they get a Christmas’s tree and decorating it with family, they: put presents under the tree, hang their Christmas Socks upon the firewall and hoping Santa Claus will put a present for them on Christmas night, people, decorating their house with lights; Snow light; Christmas cards; Snowman; etc; Christmas carol starts to hear almost every night in town, and finally at Christmas night people go to church to do a prayer and hear Christmas carol, everybody walking in the street, greeting other people with “Merry Christmas” with ,a ‘Silent Night’ song in a background, and snow keep falling making a ‘White Christmas’ for everybody, It’s awesome.

Presented at MAKES, April 28, 2007

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