Anakmu rindu pesonamu.

Pesona ibu.

Keindahan yang mengisi hati

yang belum berbentuk untuk masa depan

yang teramat jauh dalam sorot yang tak tegas, menanti kabar dunio baru

sangat asing dan menggerogoti langkah-langkahku


I’m longing for your enchantment.

The enchantment of a mother

The beauty which loads my feeling

Has not completely formed the future yet,

So far in my weak visibility,

Waiting a new world,

very strange and bar my walks.

Childhood is a world of love, happiness, passion and peace to live. This age presents many kinds of tastes that would make everyone remember and vacant his preceding life. Probably, a small number of mankind would say that it was pretty bitter. Childhood doesn’t know a child’s feeling while he dominantly understands the childhood. Here are the characters forming him to grow up.

Characters can tell anyone to know one’s background and previous life. Personality is mostly determined by the characters development. The childhood is a moment to cultivate and turn a child into a human in the real context. The question is who forms the characters and personality.

And the answer is the parents.

Positive and negative arc both what they had resulted during the childhood. Happiness of the childhood doesn’t matter. But it is sadness. Many children do not realize that a joy is sometimes a sorrow in his life. Many facts have proven that what they enjoyed were wrong. The parents’ role is very crucial in this age.

“Little Freemen” would follow the production of negative education and guidance from the parents as the centers of policy takers. Drunken little boys, Drugs Addicted Boys, and the other Bad Boys have set up a brand new life of the children. It is a very good fortune, if the parents still remember their duty to return them to the’ positive ways. The parents should position themselves as parents, not the other things.

Unsuccessfulness in educating the children is a big haunting danger for parents. Many children do not get their right of having the passion and love from the parents so that “little criminals of little crimes” becomes a big present that brings about an endless discussion.

The eventual conclusion is the soul of the title above tells us how important the parents’ interference in forming a new world is. The ways of the parents in guiding their children in the past (childhood) will contribute to the children’s life. A morality message: DON’T HATE ME WHEN I’M WRONG, BUT GUIDE ME TO THE RIGHT”. “THE PASSION OF THE PARENTS IS A SHARE, TO ME.”


to vacant                       : melamunkan

enchantment              : pesona

sorrow                          : kesedihan

haunting danger        : momok

Poems                            : S\jubhee’s Collection

Inspiring idea was just David Petzler’s


Presented at MAKES, April 5, 2007

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