Immoral Handphone

It has been four months I stayed on my new place that I had been leaving for two years for studied in Makassar. Many things were changed on it. Not just about situations and conditions but more than that including human resources. Since telephone has been activited, many people can do their activities with easier that for along time quiet difficult to do it. Likes made transaction for bussiness, contact families on interlocal area to sending news etc. The condition more easy when some of Telecomunication Company built up antenna towers. Automatically, some people bought sellular phone that can made contact anyone they need to called directly without using cable telephone. But something worse happened with it.

Telephone or Handphone are a communication tool who can make simple our job or our need. There are many kinds of handphone and the latest handphone who use is camera or can be function like handycam. That is one of favorite handphones in my place. Not just Civil servant, employer used it but students in Junior and Senior High School dominate as customers. It is not wrong if they use it but right now there are many picture or video immoral available in society especially handphones that using bluetooth programs.

A few weeks ago, in SCTV broadcasted about razia handphone of students by Police officer in schools at East Java who suspected keeping immoral video that perpetrator are local students. Resulting some of student handphones contents immoral video, Police officer and School directly erase all the immoral video and call the owner of the handphones. And most of them are girls, it is really bothered.

And now, not just in East Java but in our province South Sulawesi especially in my district had been available immoral video with many kinds of video such as ………………………….. etc. Perpetrator are indigenous, and most of titles of that video represent their villages, campus, specific of their body.

What’s wrong with our parents who taught us for good thing? What is a matter with our young generation who can’t control their attitude? What is happen with our next generation if this thing can’t be stop?

Let’s think to be positive way that we can fix it, and our religion Islam give us so many solution to handle our daily activities for example that if we have not ability for married do fasting. Let reminding each other especially in a good thing.

Source : Liputan 6 SCTV

Written by Edy Juspar

Presented on MAKES, April 26th 2007

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