(By Dorothy Brown Thompson)

Our house is small The lawn and all

Can scarcely hold the flowers Yet every bit,

The whole of it

Is precious, for it’s ours

From door to door, From roof to floor,

From wall to wall we love it. We wouldn’t change

For something strange

One single corner of it!

The space complete In cubic feet

From cellar floor to rafter Just measures right,

And not too tight,

For us, and friends, and laughter

That was    an      impression illustrated in Ms. Thompson’s poem. She showed her imagination through   expressing her life in a house. PRECIOUS was a worthy word in her mind. THE WHOLE OF IT IS PRECIOUS FOR IT’S OURS.

But, how if it is changed into: THE WHOLE OF MY ROOM IS PRECIOUS FOR IT’S MINE? It is wonderful, dreamful and peaceful, isn’t it? The answer is all people want (yes, it is).

A room is a small space which may prepossess anyone to stay longer inside a house. What does make it so? The salubrious environment of a room is the key to living in real ways.

Many kinds of things and decoration represent and influence the long stay of whomever. The room condition· is something simple but obtrusive. The beauty of it would help anyone to stay. Longing for living in such circumstances is lightening one’s burden. The ominous things can bother your life but your room is helping you in this side whenever you keep and maintain it. Sometimes, you clearly think any problems you face in your room because of its refreshing space. That is why a room could tell anyone about his feeling, life or anything else. A room also can strengthen one’s sorrow. All is depended on the way you create your own room. YOUR ROOM IS WHAT YOU ARE.

Presented at MAKES, April 12, 2007

Poem was taken from “THE WHITE LITTLE HOUSE” Book


Precious : berharga

Lawn : halaman rumput

Cellar : gudang bawah tanah

Rafter : rangka atap rumah

Obtrusive : yang menonjol

Ominous : tidak menyenagkan

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