Our Good Tourism Sul-Sel

The tourism condition in south of Sulawesi show the good graph, even, last February to increase the incoming foreign countries tourist to Makassar experience of the increase till Ll,28, 88 percent of previous month for the January of 2007, Sulsel only arrival 187 foreign countries tourist, but at February amount go up to become 989 people The improvement number of that tourist amount, ;for the month of same in 15 tourist entrance of totality Indonesia, inclusive of Soekarno Hatta, Ngurah Rai, and also Samratulangi represent highest.

Improvement the tourist paying a visit to Indonesia through 15 entrance at February 2007 reaching 322.289 people or experience of the increase equal to 21 percent in comparing same month of previous year that way also sum up the tourist at month February 2007 experiencing of improvement compared by January 2007, that is from 317.648 people become 322.289 people or the entering through door Makassar at February this year experience of the increase 525,95 percent of same month of previous year” said the lead of statistical center body (BPS) SulSel, Mariadi ”

Even increase the tourist go up, but mount the” chamber settlement (TPK) of Hotel have star in SulSel tend to downhill. January 2007 TPK -descend till 6,33 percent compared by December 2006 for the transportation of, according to Mariadi, also show the good trend early year 2007, even entire port in Indonesia experience of the degradation increase the passenger, but Makassar oppositely go up to reach 23,83 percent, but differing from air transportation increase passenger in airport of Hasanuddin Makassar descend 3,64 percent, this matter probably because the happening of accident of airplane in Sulsel of early this year” said Mariadi the lead of statistical center body (BPS) SulSel ”

Source Of Reference : Fajar ; 3 April 2007

Presented at MAKES, April 14, 2007

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