Our Goverment I Coward

We have already known that every country in this world have their own independent and of course for each nation have free to decide what they want to do, as long as good for the future, they are willing to take some actions. Concerning to that problem right now the paradigm of to be an independent country is very difficult. The strong countries have big power for dictating weak country, they are look like a king and the worst they apply kind on what we called new imperialism.

The situation just like our country condition, because last week United Nation has issued resolution 1747 to Iran because they are suspected developing nuclear for military need and not fear peace interest and Indonesia become of the state who agree about the decision, this was very contradictive with the statement that president of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudoyono has made when Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited Indonesia and this is a trigger for 280 member House of Representative, they want use their interpellation right. They are disappointed of the attitude of Indonesian: Government, if the number house of representative who don’t support the government increasing it means that Susilo Bambang Yudoyono will be impeach but many people say it won’t happen because House of Representative merely trying improve their bad image, they just want to get sympathy from the people because who knows this a good chance to make some money or politic bargaining. Democratic Party optimistically said house representative will abort the using of interpellation right because we knew each other majority fraction at house representative is Golkar (129 member in house of representative).

The question are :

–     Why the government of Indonesia take controversial decision?

–     Do you believe the House of Representative has represented Indonesian people?

Presented at MAKES, April 17, 2007

By Taufiq

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