Study or work

Recent trend in both Australia and the UK is the debate about when student can leave school in the UK and the end most states in Australia can leave school at 16 year old. However things are beginning to change. In Queensland student cannot leave school until they are 17 year old, unless they have a full time job or are in full time training.

The dept education in the UK wants to enforce a similar law where student must be in full time employment or being trained before they can leave school.

We know that leaving home for the firs tune can be exciting but it also bring new responsibility for the first time in their live many students have to look after themselves.

It is possible to apply for a leaving allowance from the Government, which can help to payment of rent and food but many ful1 time university students in Australia choose to work, as well as study, to get extra money.

Popular areas for finding work are supermarkets, fast food restaurant pubs and cafes. The salaries are not high and sometime student work late into the night, but they can fit the work around their studies. They use the money for general living cost, to buy clothes, book and CDs.


  1. 1. What do you think about this case?
  2. 2. Do you agree the student will be annoyed especially in the learn process?

3. What the government role in this case do you think?

4. If you think that the government must be responsibility in this case. What must the government do (if the case happens in Indonesian)?

5. We know that our country is under developed specially in education. So, what must the government and we do to make change in our education system?

Presented at MAKES, April 19, 2007

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