Telecommunication Technology

In the summer of 1984, almost two billion television viewers were able to watch the summer Olympics from Los Angeles, ” by means of via satellite” while a telecommunication satelite beamed the Olympics around the world, most viewers matched the events without stopping to drink, or how it many effects their lives now and in the future, in both positive and negative ways.

Communication experts have described the advantages of telecommunication systems for the rapid and efficient transmission of information to and from the house and also around the world. To see the development of these systems as a first step to ward the eliminating political and geographic boundaries by making every kind of human knowledge available to all. However, the possible disadvantages of this new technology have usually been ignored.

Telecommunication can make information from around the world available to use quickly and easily, but some people are worried that this may be a risk to their privacy. If Personal information is stored in computer, then it may be easily transmitted of via satellite to anyone who can play for the service.

The other futurist worries that telecommunication systems may isolate people from one another. They said that when people are able to shop from their houses, do their banking without leaving their own houses and watch movies as well as get information they need. then there will not be as much contact between all people. The isolation may have a very destructive effect on social relation.

It is important to realize that the same technology that helps us may also harm/endanger us. we can prevent this from what happening by carefully monitoring the new technology, as one of communication that expert says, we must remember that the technology itself is not the answer …. It is the intelligent application of technology that will lead us to success.

Created by Enal

Presented at MAKES August 1st 2006

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