The Using of Symbols of Kafirin Around Us

According to oxford dictionary symbols is sign, mark, object etc. that represent something. So cross, for example, has a meaning more than the cross itself but it represents trust, social system, church, value and all of things in Christianity itself. Wearing cross can be categorize follow or imitate Christianity and so do wearing others symbol that represents trust.

Islamic teaching forbids Moslem to imitate all kinds style of Kuffar as Rasulullah said Mantasyabbaha bikaumin fahua minhu : who ever imitates one community means belongs to them. I regard this information is necessary recognized by all Moslem particularly young Moslem, because it can give huge effect to destroy aqidah without recognize it. Thus, using or wearing symbol of kafirin can pick Moslem up become kafir too. Actually, no matter if no Moslems wear them, but in fact many Moslem especially the youth wear them as a style even as an ideology.

Bellow some example symbols which represents trust or ideology of kafirin

The first symbol represents Amon-Ra or Sun God. In mythology of Judaism, Jewish claim Amon-Ra as one of their Gods. The second symbol represents general Judaism. This one is the picture on Israel flag. The third one is communism symbol, an ideology that ever killed much people. The fourth and the third one are symbols of Freemasonry, a labor organization at the fin>’1 time it was established. Now, Freemasonry become more than a labor organization. The sixth one is symbol of Hinduism and NAZI. Buddhism uses the same symbol but with opposite directions. The last one (pentagram inside circle) is symbol of evil church or satanic worship. Questions: 1. It is a serious case, isn’t it? Why or why not? 2. How to protect youth of Moslems from this case (if you think this is a serious case 3. What does the hadits actually mean, bow do you interpret the hadits (if you think this is not a serious case)? 4. Which one do you feel proud, wearing/using Islamic symbol or non-Islamic symbol, why or why not? 5. What are the main reasons, so they want to wear symbol of kafirin?

Inspired by condition and situation in my beloved faculty, UNM.

Source: Fakta dan Data Yahudi di Indonesia 14.html

Presented at MAKES, April 7, 2007

Typed by Rendra bin Ponidi bin Niti bin HariyOJ;lO.

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