Disable Education

As we know that collage is central of education which product intellectual generation. The people who ever take education in academic institution sure more intellect  and humble. There are many collage which provided to motivate and facilitate us be professional and have enough skill. Even the government have already protected break down education among the students by provide great facilitation and budget to construct quality of education, junior high school and senior high school free of payment for this moment. Recently The government have been increased level score standard of final examination. It is a prove that quality of education really excepted to follow globe competition.

In globe competition human resources are great expectation, who does not have life skill would get hard problem. Our nation still include dipe love country and less human resource. We except through political of the government can increase quality of education.

Still fresh in our mind, Recently many bad issue happen in our academic institution specially in Makassar very famous quarrel among students, corruption was done by academic profession. I don’t want to conculate that our academic still low standard, but we have a question that, is it maximum ruling of academic institution to create good out put, my neighbor complained which school had better for his son and which school is simply payment for him, almost school and university need to big financial for beginning study. It is reality many students break down study cause by cost of education too expansive

I still remember story of Japanese after finished the second war their government firstly asked how many teacher survive and how many teacher was died. The government open change widely to search science to the society go to the other country, they consent in priority develop education as basic foundation in constraction economic, politic and defiance. We should admire and follow them as priority action to establish our country.

Written by Azis

Presented at MAKES August 3rd, 2006

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