Marriage (Half of taqwa is getting married)

Marriage is the most wanted event. Everyone wants to get married to construct a family but we can not make sure who will marry us. We can not decide the candidate. The candidate depends on God’s decision, but we must struggle to find and choose the fit person for us, but this is really difficult because sometimes we dream a perfect one to be our couple (beautiful, clever, ect).

Marriage is the most waited moment in our life because it is one of success if we can do it, they  some people often tow it even though they have been established to construct a family, they are afraid if the middle a way will be divorce, but there are also some people do it fast even though they have not been established yet, for the reason that its too love to the beloved so its really a quickly to do it, they do not think about what will happen in the future. We can see the fact that a lot of people have got married even though they still study in senior high school (ABG) they just think about fun and happiness today.

In our culture, it has still happened, the people to be wedlocked with the other one by the parents? I do not know what the reason is, but that custom was handed down from one generation to the next since some years ago until right now and this is really difficult to change it.

Indeed, Marriage is optional of Rasulullah SAW. Half of taqwa is getting married, so it’s really good if we are capable to do it quickly, even though we have not a job yet, never ever think about the risks because it is arranged by Allah SWT. We have to think that this is one of optional of Rasulullah SAW, so we have to do it soon, right???


  1. What is the meaning of marriage according to you?
  2. Why some people do often tow to marriage?
  3. How important is marriage in your life?
  4. How do you arrange criteria to get your marriage partner?

Glossaries :

Decide                :  menentukan

Tow                     :  menunda

Optional            :  Sunnah

Be married       :  berumah tangga

Established      :  mapan

Presented by Adnan as NH at MAKES   August 5th 2006

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