Infotainment Programs

One of decision from national deliberation of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) that held in beginning of august is a fatwa about proscribing of infotainment program to be watch for the Nahdliyyin (NU follower). This decision has pro’s and con’s in society, and debating between NU and infotainment production house.

Now days, make gossip not only a habit, but it has been as an entertainment for most people who using media as entertain sources. Through infotainment program that broadcast by all of private TV station in Indonesia, we can do know much about artist issues, internal conflict of their own family, even their privacy. Don’t you know that infotainment program such as “Cek and Ricek” has become the highest rating of broadcast? Don’t you know this program has been gave six inaugurations in annual follow the programs those presented by private TV stations we can see infotainment program have been presented from the morning until midnight. So, what’s the problem with infotainment?

All of us know that the contain of infotainment not only broadcasting about the happy news or the goodness of celebrities but it broadcasting about the badness of them also such as their dispute in their family, affair, divorce, even about the “bedroom” problem of them also. And further, the truth of it is not well guaranteed so sometime they feel disturbed by infotainment journalist, even make their family dispute become worse cause the issue that had been spreading by journalist.

So, if the infotainment programs have become a favorite programs not only for the adult but for children also, I think it is not impossible in this country will create” gossip Society” that always talking about the other’s problems and their badness, unfortunately the gossip spreaders never realize their weaknesses. With this condition, it is hard to create a strong togetherness to develop our country but in other hand it only create conflict or dispute and erode togetherness among the society and further will threat the unity of nation.

Presented at MAKES, August 17, 2006, Written by Hairil

Glossaries :

National deliberation : Musyawarah National

Erode : Mengikis

Unity of the Nation  : Persatuan Bangsa

Weaknesses    : Kelemahan, Kekurangan

We Never Have Enough Time To Talk About All Of The Other’s Badnesses

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