A few days ago, I have unforgettable moment in my life, MAKES gives me chance to come to the one of workshop in BAKTI about hypnosis so after coming there and went back in my house suddenly raise in my mind to share about my experience to the other one especially to the members of MAKES as a responsibility at MAKES. So, today all of you can get what I have got from the workshop.

Beside me, there are 3 people come there also. They are committee of MAKES, so I am the only one as a member who has given chance by MAKES to come there. Beside us, a lot of people come there and they were interesting about the topic because the speaker was not just explaining about the topic itself but also gives some games to the participants such as :

  1. How to hypnosis some one

This game, the speaker tried to hypnosis participants, but not all of them can do it well, one of the reasons is the participants was not following suggestions that given by the speaker, but some of them success do it, they followed suggestion of the speaker and the speaker said that people like them it is not difficult to change their self. And this game we were not success do it.

  1. How to self hypnosis

This game, the speaker gives me change to hypnosis my self and this is really fantastic for me because it is the first time in my life and I was not sure what have I done just now, incredible! I was success. It’s a fantastic moment.

Hypnosis is one of a way to change our bad habit to be a good habit. We may (used word of the speaker) program our self by hypnosis. We can do it with this ways:

  1. Self hypnosis

It’s mean that every one can hypnosis their self by the full concentration. It is better if we do it before sleeping because our mind will be more quite so we can sleep well, but we can also do it after sleeping at the morning so that we will be fresher to do our daily activities. You can do it like this : first seat down on chair or stand up while closing your eyes and full concentrations then bring your mind on the Alpha (one of brainwave) and this brainwave please give your suggestions to your self like confidence then on the Theta to go out from your stress while saying inside on your heart that I have confidence now after getting relax please open your eyes and hopely you will be sure to stand up in front of public, so depend on your plan what will you do today. Please try at home one time a day.

  1. Therapy

This way is just could done by the hypnotist, if some one has a big problem or bad habit in his life, and does not changed through self hypnosis, so he has to therapy first if he likes to change it. For example if you are shy one because something happened at the past and it has been being your habit so you need therapy by the hypnotist. The hypnotist will be handle you and gives you suggestion of the hypnotist, if you refuse it, therapy will be never success.

According to dictionary that hypnosist is ilmu sihir and our religion said in holy Qur’an that:

Inna syirk radhulum adzim

But the speaker said that is not hypnosis because they use magic formula to make a fool of some one so according to speaker that hypnosis is just make a better life, just for self hypnosis, therapy, self therapy, becoming a money magnet, becoming a girl magnet, etc.

The last, let me say thank you so much just for MAKES, I will be waiting the next chance especially for me and the other members, chayoo!

The question are:

  1. What have you known about hypnosis?
  2. How is Islam seeing it?


Hypnosis               : Ilmu sihir                           Brainwave               : Gelombang otak

Hypnotist             : Ahli hypnosis                     Suggestion            : Bisikan/Saran

Workshop             : Seminar                              Therapy                   : Pengobatan

Presented at MAKES, August 19th 2006,

Written by Adnan

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