A Lie to Kill

Either you’re with US or you’re with the terrorists”, a very simple and short passage of sentence that Mr. Bush offered to every nation in the world following the kamikaze plane crushes

that flattened two of American most famous landmarks, the WTC twin towers, and ruined some parts of the country’s most secure spot, the Pentagon. The rest of the world, therefore, found themselves being forced – whether militarily or politically- to make immediate decision of in which side they had to stand for while US and its permanent colleagues had already pointed out the black sheep suspects; Usamah Bin Ladin and his Al-Qaeda who were said to hide out in Afghanistan under the protection of American long nightmare, Taliban. No convincing proof ever been found over the responsibility of Usamah Bin Ladin and his clan on the daredevil terror, but it can wait, and the war must go on because those Yankees were essentially not campaigning war against terrorism. Instead, several re-investigations over what truly happened in New York and Washington on September 11th lead us to a conclusion that it is not a war against the evil terrorism but it is a war of evil against Islam and Moslems.

Hundreds of uncertainties are still questioning the claim of US on Al-Qaeda while the invasion in Afghanistan has taken thousands of innocent people’s life. International researches have always recommended their doubts and full disagreements that some amateurs like Usamah and his men managed to carry on a brilliant attack toward two extremely tightly guarded US national assets without good information and experience of the cities’ security systems and their air traffic codes. Consider also that there are many inadequate statements coming from US investigation officers revealed by numbers of independent investigators. One of some examples given here is that there were no camera shots that showed any piece of plane remains left in Pentagon’s ruined parts. The pictures also displayed that there was only a 73 long and 65 wide feet hole in Pentagon which was said to have been slammed by a Boeing 757 whose the wings were 124 feet long and was 155 feet long from the head to the tail.

Several video tapes also gave a strong indication that the two planes crushing WTC were not passenger aircrafts but more like carrier ones and the American Airline has stated that they lost some of their planes that were reported to fall somewhere. American Airline as the company whose the planes said to be the crushed ones also declined FBI’s claim that there were 9 Arabs on board; the fact was that there was no even one single Arab there. Consider also that if the plane attack on those twin towers could melt the steels and bring the buildings down the ground from the over 1000 Celsius degree heat generated by 8600 gallons fuel inside, the same hit from Boeing 757 should have turned Pentagon into something not bigger than a pancake.

Dozens or even hundreds of proofs are still waiting to be mentioned to unveil the evil mask of US and its allies and tell the pretending- to- be-blind international community that the horrifying ‘daylight’ in 2001 was a great conspiracy. This may also answer the odd mystery of  why 4000 WTC Jews staffs were having day-off altogether at the day. The war against Islam in Afghanistan has killed over 6000 people (not to mention how many human beings died in Iraq, Sudan, Palestine, Somalia, Vietnam, Korea, Japan by US assassinations). US government has been lying to the entire world over the reason of their invasion without having to think twice of sacrificing their own citizens to achieve their terribly cruel goal.

All Moslems and Islamic scholars on this planet must stop disputing their minor differences in understanding and performing Islamic values and start to realize the real danger that is threatening them right before their eyes. It’s only by unity that we can win this holy war against the world’s number one terrorist.

It’s got to be the state against the state

By: Nasrullah

To download this paper, please click in this link below:

A Lie to Kill

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