The word of time has several basic meanings. First, time is what is measured in minutes, hours, days, etc. We can easily check it on a clock or calendar. Second, time is described as time when something happens or when something should happen. For example, the night opera begins at 7 pm. Third, time is an amount of time; the amount of time available to work, rest, etc. (Oxford Learners Pocket Dictionary, fourth edition). Of all three meanings above, the third meaning defines our topic best.

Basically, as an amount of time, time has limit so it can be used up until it is over. As a matter of fact, every person has only 24 hours a day. When one day is over, it will continue to another day. Thus, time is limited and it cannot be replied.

The fact that people have time limit in this world is unchangeable. Life begins with birth and ends with death. When someone is born into this world, his lifespan also begins to reducing. Once the count reaches zero, it means the time has come for him to leave this world. People have no power to shorten or extend their time because Allah the Almighty has determined it before they were born.

Failures in using time

After finishing subuh prayer in the morning, some people choose to go to bed again, and normally it may take 1-3 hours. When people are at their workplace, some of them spend their time with chatting on the phone or playing computer game in rush hour. When two or more ‘unoccupied’ females meet, they let themselves drown in gossiping other people. By the end of night, usually a group of ‘insomnia’ males play domino cards or guitar, watch television, and turn on music until morning comes. These are just a few examples of wasting time that we usually do everyday.

The failures in using time will make us lose some expensive opportunities. First, we lose the opportunity to improve our condition. It is a great loss because we do not use our time for some productive activities such as studying new knowledge or ability, making positive contribution to our company’s growth, doing healthy lifestyle, and so forth. Second, we miss the opportunity to help other people. If you are being too individual, you will never be able to build trust and good relationship with other people. On the other hand, nobody wants to trust you either. In other words, opportunities will never come to those who could not make a good use of their time.

Success People and Time Management

People who understand how to manage their time will achieve their success in everything they do. There is one man ever lived to show us the best way to manage time so we can learn from his life story.

As Allah’s apostle and a caliph (highest leader of Islamic based nation), Muhammad SAW (may Allah’s reward be upon him) had shown us the greatest method of managing time in humankind history. He never wasted his time for something unnecessary. For the hereafter life, he also showed his consistency in five times prayer, reciting the holy Qur’an, fasting time, and many more. One of the best of Allah’s apostle was his consistent night pray or ‘tahajjud’ pray. For the worldly life, he used most of his time to fulfill his people’s needs and to deal with religious matters. Indeed, Muhammad SAW is the best figure of time management.

To be success in time management requires several conditions. First thing that a person should have is a target. Target that you put on should be clear, measurable, and humanity-oriented. For example, I want to win noble prize as a physics researcher who invents water-fuel flying car in 10 years to come. Second, upon setting your target, you should make an action plan. A well-arranged plan will help you to organize your ideas and convert them into real actions. The plan includes education, organization, work field or anything that you want to gain in the future. You shall set up your plan in the earliest opportunity to reach your target even faster. Finally, your strong will due to Allah is the best helper that will keep your self consistent. It is undeniable that someday you will meet obstacles on your way to success. Therefore, you shall beconsistent and hope for Allah’s guidance in doing your action plan.

In summary, if someone wants to hold success in the worldly life and hereafter, he should not waste his time in meaningless activities that give no values to him or to other people. Using your time wisely make your life well worth the result.

By: Ardhie Praditya Syam

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