The cairman of the House of Representatives honorary board, Gayus Tambunan from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Strunggle (PDI-P), says that cutting remuneration will not eduacate lazy legislatorswho like to skip meetings.

“If a legisator is rich, then he or she can practically pay to skip meetings. So, cutting their remuneration is not an educational option.

” Gayus said that lazy legislators had to be punished in accordance to the House internal regulation. “Clause 213 of the internal regulation says that if a legislator skip meeting for six consecutive times, then he or she must be ousted from the House.” he said.

“If anyone feels that six times are too much, then they can propose the idea to revise the regulation to three times,” he added.

Previously, they United Development Party (PPP) proposed that legislators’ remuneration had to be based on their attendance rate during meetings.

By: Din Zulfikar

Taken from : the Jakarta Post

This paper can be downloaded by clicking this link below:
Remuneration Cut Will Not Educate Lazy Legislator

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