Will free sex be end if its equipments distributed freely??

A news report was released by Fajar on Monday, July 26, 2010, the title was “Students protest the distribution of condoms.” The following news excerpt:

Mamuju – Distribution of contraceptives of family planning, called condoms, was protested by junior and senior  high school students that follow the talk show “Gaul Yes, Free Sex No” in Mamuju, in  last weekend. The event which was bundled National Children’s Day commemoration got enough student responses.

Hasanuddin University gynecologists, Dr. SpOG Masrum, stated in his material explanation that the aim of contraceptive used to delay or dilute women during pregnancy is sometimes  not the same as between each other, both equipment and installation of implant contraceptives pills. It takes effort to delay pregnancy through contraception with the use of male condoms. “Therefore the government creates and socializes for using condoms,” he said

The case is quite interesting to discuss. On the one side our government wants to reduce free sex, but on the other side, condoms distributed on an unmarried student who is basically meant for family planning programs as a means of contraception.

Distribution of free condoms to students would encourage free sex behaviors among students. According to some people that the distribution of condoms to students is not to educate, but indirectly ask students to do free sex. The distribution of free condoms would lead the students desire to know, so they are more likely to try it, especially for the student who have a couple.

The National Family Planning Coordinating Board (BKKBN) and the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) in 2008, showed data about the behavior of  teenagers’ free sex was quite high, reaching 63 percent, 45 percent got pregnancy before married and 21 percent got abortion. Whereas in 2005, when the first condom would be sold freely in Indonesia, based on the result of the survey of condoms, it was only about 40% -45% of free sex. It was  significantly increasing. If it was happen, when the free sex will be end if its equipment is shared freely? Maybe until the end of the world will not be end that is the answer.

In my opinion, in the talk show “Gaul Yes, Free sex No” which was bundled with a day of national child, they should not distribute condoms, but they should distribute the image of abortion, venereal disease, HIV/AIDS, cervical disease causing an antecedent of sexual freedom. If they distribute condoms, it means that they don not participate thieves but coming to open the door.

By: Sitti Hajerah

This paper can be downloaded by clicking to the link below:

Will free sex be end if its equipments distributed freely ??

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