The Piracy

I am sure that you have a laptop or personal computer, and also I am not sure that all of your software is legal software. And perhaps, you have it easily because it is provided widely on internet, in Trade Center, even in side walk merchant. So, are you hijacker???.   There are four forms that of piracy according to the act No.19 2002 about copyright, those are:  1. Copying into harddisk. It is done when we buy laptop or personal computer in trade center or shop as bonus for us 2. Softlifting. It is one license for several computer or you buy an original software and install for several computer  3. Falsification, for example: Selling or producing illegal software in form of CD, DVD. It is only find in trade center or side walk merchandise  4. Renting, illegal downloading. it is downloading software on internet illegally (cracking)  With those definition, it is too easy to find piracy in our activities and also perhaps you can have software easily thorough internet for example.   So why people do piracy? The price of original software is more expensive than illegal. For example: for having Operation system (OS) of MS Vista or MS XP, people need to spend about $ 200 or more than 1 million rupiah, not including other software or program. Comparing to illegal software, perhaps people need only 10.000 rupiah and even it is free by copying from your friend. In other hand, there is eastern philosophy that intellectual copyright should be free, Let people have it. Another example, In U.S. it is Free Software Foundation (FSF) that release GNU Linux and they campaign “ Copyleft” to opposite copyright.  So, how to place copyright? According to FSF, copyright must be placed in natural position as the human being owner and not only for certain people, everyone should have right to develop, spread and modify the software. According to Jeremy Betham, the law that regulate copyright must accommodate public to access them so that it can provide happiness for all of people.        In my mind, Intellectual copyright should be free for certain condition such as public research, education, and other social purpose. Copyright should not only for conglomerates who always buy it and make it as their right. In other hand, the inventor also should be appreciated by protecting and honoring their invention. Policy maker should take role and not stand up for conglomerate. Also, Original software usage custom in our activities would help the development of original software and produce many advantages such as new investment, national income, and finally it can create prosperity of people…   Glossaries:

copyright : hak cipta

falsification : pemalsuan

By: Brother Laode Ahmad Barata

To download this paper, please click link in this below:

The Piracy

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  1. ode ahmad barata says:

    bro gimana caranya up load informasi atau paper di blog ini..



    ode AB

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