The Constituency office

After getting loss to allow budget constituency, last month the parliament member try to another way by arguing constituency office. It will use national income to fund constituency office. Based on the plan the constituency office will spent about 209 million per year for each of politician in parliament based on their constituency region.

They argued that the constituency office will result in many advantage for people especially in their constituency region. The place will receive people complaint related to people’s needs. In other hand, it will be a political accountability for politician; it is as their real responsibility to their constituent said Anas Urbaningrum. But Anas said that the budget was not taken from national income. Is it true that the politician wants to make close with their constituent thorough the constituency office?

Actually, the constituency office has been implemented by four politicians from South Sumatera. They are PDIP politician, they spend their own money about 30 million per year to arrange their political activities in their constituent region. In addition, DPD also has office in each of constituency region. But the member of DPD denied for saying it as constituency office. They argued that it is representative office for each of region that they represented. We run our political activities in the constituency region but take meeting in Senayan, it is also based on the UU No 29/2009 about DPD member so it is really different with constituency office, said Irman Gusman, chairman of DPD.

Indeed, it resulted in controversies; some political analyst stated that, it is vulnerable in corruption, loaded by political interest to preserve their position in the Senayan (silent campaign). In the other hand, part of the politician has loss their creditability said Effendy Gazali, Communication Analyst from UI.

The protest also form public, they stated that, is not enough for politician with shrieking poor people which almost every day they shriek due to hungry, education fee in high cost, malnutrition, unemployment  and other poverty form? Then which the aspiration that the politician need is?

In my opinion, along with PDIP’s Politician that initiate to arrange constituency office by spending their own money, without using national budget. Indeed, closeness of politician as the representative of people should be built to take people complaint related to government polices even though it is barely happen. The constituency office should be loaded by political interest by conducting silent campaign but it must really becomes the form of political will of  member of parliament to the society. Thorough the constituency office people aspiration will be considered by government especially in the remote area such as Papua, Ambon, and other remote area. The constituency office will take people consideration as well as rebuild public trust to the our politician, so the politic will be a means to achieve people prosperity; and not vise versa.


shrieking jeritan

prosperity kb. (j. -ties) kemakmuran. revenues pendapatan

argue kkt. 2 berpendapat, mendesak, menganjurkan (dengan kuat).3 membuktikan, memperlihatkan.

preserve kb. 1 cagar. 2 sele. –preserves j. sele. –kkt. 1 memelihara (traditions). 2 mengawetkan, membuat yang tahan lama (fruits). 3 melindungi, menjaga (tree). 4 mempertahankan, memelihara. –kki

Discussion material @MAKES,  August,           2010

(by Ode Ahmad*)*Hasanuddin University Student —

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The Constituency office

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