The magic Box

The advance of Technology, information technology in twenty-one century in the world, has changed human life in many sectors. People around the world get easy to enjoy their life or take relax whenever and wherever they want. For example, when they want to watch the greatest match of football, world cup in South Africa, just turn on the magic box without spending much money or time to have it, even it may be done in the garden. Great! How technology advance has changed people civilization. In other hand, it can provide updating information such as social, politic, science and technology, life style or reference, etc. Therefore it has been a favorite box in almost each of house for having fun or spending time when you are boring. Simply, the magic box has provided everything you need.

However, the advance of technology can create social problem when people use it as a means to get certain purpose, let take commercial purpose without considering people culture or moral. By considering that technology should be used in whole human life activities to get a goal such as profit, popularity or building image, contra politic and even only to provoke people opinion, then, majority of the magic box programs are entertainments such as comedy, infotainment, sinetron film, advertisement. Unfortunately, most of those contents are less education or at least showing and acting vulgarity, divorce, scandal, dating, dishonesty. According to KPI member, the magic box program not only a show but also a “clue” that it is able to create harassment of 30% in society.

In fact, the programs of television has arisen a lot of people’s concerns. They argue that magic box program has influenced people moral, life style even disturb productivity. Let see how magic box programs influenced people; infotainment that show high gossip, resulting high rating in spreading information that it should be restricted, how foot ball match made some members of House Representative, minister slept in meeting. Therefore, Currently, Parliament and KPI has agreed that infotainment must be censored though MUI has announced that there were program list that muslim should not watch them.

So, how to place magic box program in our life? Television program is kind of information technology in which people can take information useful for them, but it can result adverse effect if it is not utilized in right things. In my mind, it should be regulated which on the program suitable for people. In another hand, censoring of program, regulating of show time are also important to be regulated. The involving of policy makers and people awareness can reduce the impact. All people should take role based on their capacity in reducing negative impact of magic box program in home for example. It should not kill our productivity time by watching it.

Glossaries :     adverse = merugikan

provoke = menggusarkan, memprovokasi

divorce  = perceraian

clue        = penunjuk

Discussion material @MAKES, July 22, 2010

Ode Ahmad Barata

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The Magic Box

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