University autonomy

Ode Ahmad Barata, Student of Hasanuddin University

Currently, some university in Indonesia both state/public and private university declare their institution to be world class university/research university. These phenomena not only occur in several university of Java such as ITB, ITS,UI, UGM, Guna Darma Univ., Kristen Petra University, UNIBRAW but also  in several university in eastern Indonesia  such as UNHAS, UNM, Udayana University. Therefore, they attempt to manage their university start from how they reform their academic system, admission management of the student, finance management, until advanced facilities providing.

They argue that to be World Class University (WCU), it will support university finance concerning government policy about finance management in higher education which finance management system of the university has been authorized by the host. It means university autonomy that all university revenues are not saved as state revenue. University autonomy also provides chances for the host to find others budgeting outside state supporting such as cooperation with foreign university, student/lecturer exchange, joint research in foreign or home/local government. Then, how the impact of the policies for academic and people?

However, they stated that they have allocated scholarship budget for student who has disability in financial, but it is not unbalance. The student who has disability in financial and good achievement is more considerable than budget allocated, therefore the student who has achievement academic on average will not get the chance. This can make more gaps for ordinary people in accessing higher education means poor people are not allowed to get it. Then, where the university and state social responsibility are?

Actually, university autonomy not only finance things at all, but also related to human resources improving or human resources building. Some analysts argued that the justice in education access should not identical with all people must pay cheaply, it should consider about talent and achievement so that autonomy will provide it by conducting cross subsidy, not only for students but also for educator improving through remuneration.  So that, university autonomy is the not education capitalization but to improve university quality. For example, China has been successful in implementing this system whereas China is social state – non capitalist. In Indonesia, they claimed that university autonomy will bring about great change in the university related to competitive human resources, lecturer/professor welfare rate, and great change in academic system/campus facilities and son on. Also they argued that UI, ITB, UGM have been successful in implementing the policy, it has been proved by qualifying UI as 201st rank of WCU according to TIMES magazine. Also ITB, UGM and UNIBRAW.

In conclusion, education is the primary need for all people so the implementation should be under state control fully. The concept of campus autonomy should be formulized carefully means it is not become a way or a reason to escape from social responsibility of the state as mentioned in the constitution. The government should cooperate with the university in increasing fund resources of university such as joint research, intellectual property right reward, monitoring university in improving fund resources by campus entrepreneurship programs, and student loan.

Good education is must for all people.


declare kkt. 1 mengumumkan (war, a divident). 2 melaporkan. 3 menyatakan (war). 4 menganggap. 5 menerangkan

revenues pendapatan

achievement prestasi

argue kkt. 2 mendesak, menganjurkan (dengan kuat).3 membuktikan, memperlihatkan.

joint research: penelitian kerjasama

Discussion material @MAKES, August   , 2010

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University autonomy

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