In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. All praise is (due) to Allah, Lord of the universe. Only Him do we worship, and only His aid do we seek. May prayers and peace be upon prophet Muhammad shalallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, his family, his bestfriends, and his followers. My Muslim brothers and sisters, we all currently live in the twenty first century with all advantages and disadvantages that quickly change before we even realize it. Technology, culture, lifestyle, and mindset are things that are mostly influenced by that change. As a result of the change in all four things above, we can simply see a completely different civilization of human in the world today. Obviously, the advanced civilization is a positive effort that hopefully breeds positive results in all sectors of human’s life.

Unfortunately, it is not Muslims (majorly) who make or contribute effort to the advanced civilization of our world today. All changed systems (economic, technology, law, etc.) that run our world today are made and controlled by non Muslims (majorly Jews). Jews (all over the world) with their intelligent, mythical belief (as the chosen people), and strictly shaped culture have become the main player and dominated the world. Here are some Jews (there are many more) whose achievement has been acknowledged in international society:

One question suddenly pops up in our mind. What role do Muslims play? It is easy to answer it. Muslims conveniently play a simple role as loyal consumer (majorly). Muslims consume or adopt every single new product produced by non Muslims without possessing the ability to produce it independently. It is just like Muslims being controlled by non Muslims.

A very contradictive picture is shown between Muslim and Jews. Jewish parents educate their children with great curiosity and the spirit to achieve success in study while Muslim parents are too busy to spend their time with their children. Jewish children force themselves to not be consumptive (they choose to spend money on books or save it for the future rather than shopping randomly) whereas Muslim children will do anything to follow the latest trend (in fashion, music, technology, etc.) without thinking about their future. Jewish youth and adult give full attention to the health of their body and mind whilst Muslim youth and adult are damaging theirs by smoking, drugs and alcohol.   For religion matter, Jews has a special way to educate their children with a ritual called Bar Mitzvah (for male) or Bat Mitzvah (for female), a ceremony to give acknowledgement to their 12 to 13 years old children. In this ceremony, the children are demanded to show their capability in giving interpretation about verses of Old Testament (Indonesian: Taurat) and Talmud.   Muslims also order their children to study (Tafsir) and memorize (Tahfidz) Quran and Hadith. However, we can rarely find Muslim parents who want their children to study Quran and children who like to study Quran nowadays.   A long time ago, in the era of Andalusia (Spain) and Baghdad (Iraq), Islamic kingdom was successful in creating Muslim scholars (one Muslim scholar could master more than two fields of study). Now, they are all gone (or unexposed), and most of Muslims do not notice the importance of studying Quran and Hadith.   This pathetic mental and low level mindset of Muslims nowadays are the result of the exaggerate love of worldly life and tremendous fear of death (hubbud dunya wa karahiyatul maut).   Up to this point, one big question comes to our mind. How to avoid hubbud dunya wa karahiyatul maut? The answer is we need to change our thought about knowledge immediately. Knowledge (in all forms) is light that can guide us to the way of truth, the way of Allah and His prophet. Without light, we will stay in the darkness and live with no purpose.

Reference: Tasmara, Toto. Yahudi: Mengapa Mereka Berprestasi. 2010. Sinergi Publishing.

To download this paper, please click link below  A portrait of muslim.pdf

By Ardhie Praditya Syam

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