Again…, Train Crash Killed 36

Train crash has recently become the subject of public discussion in the media, after a shocking tragedy broke out last Saturday killed 36 passengers and injured 50. A spokesman of transportation ministry stated that the cause of this accident was a signaling error.

Experts said that one of the causes of several train accident in Indonesia was mechanical failure such as safety maintenance factor. Most of the trains operated by PT KAI have less machine ancillary time and affect the safety condition of those trains. In the other hand, the director of safety in the Ministry of Transportation, Hermanto Dwi Atmoko, stated that the biggest factor in the train accidents in the country was human factor. Therefore, as the one who bear the responsibility, they feel obligated to improve the quality of human resource in the train-staffs, railroad men, track workers, and other train officials.

The phenomenon of railway accident has long become a problem in our country’s transportation affairs. Even though train is not main transportation in this country, we can still find the fact that, in Jabodetabek for instance, there are more than 400 thousand passengers using train every day. According to a data, within the first half of 2010 (January-July), there have been 32 train crashes occurred. However, hardly ever the government and those who have responsibility take any serious action to prevent this disaster to repeat.

Whatever the reason is, it is very important to concern and find the way out of this situation. It is our duty to encourage all stakeholders to solve this problem. Because if we don’t, there will be more death tolls become victims as the real “life cost” of our failures.

To download this paper, please click link below

train accident

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