By Anna

What is homosexuality? Homosexuality is a big thing or a bad attitude done by man to mall sexually. Indeed, sexuality is such a big problem that we have to talk about it. It is undeniable that homosexuality has occurred for a long time since The period of our prophet Luth so don’t be surprised that homosexuality is one of the diseases which always encircle us.

Why can the homosexual disease be contracted by someone? The first factor is because someone too close to his friend which has the same gender for sharing his problem until his friend feel sympathy and eventually a love rise in their heart. The second, this can be happened because a two-­man have ever disappointed by their girls friends so that they hate their opposite gender and don’t want to make relationship with woman especially in making love. The third, a factor coming from their parents who don’t want to let their son to be self-propeller even while sleeping, so the son enjoy it and feel comfort.

How does Islamic teaching view this problem? This case contradicts with our religion teaching because any verse says that we live in this world in pairs, man and woman, the moon and the stars, the earth and the sky, etc. Therefore, if we nm against The God’s rule or we don’t want to obey His rule, we will be sinful human, not worry to the Almighty God, and not have gratitude to him.

How about society’s view concerns this prob1em? This attitude is so bad that should not be done. Indeed, we must fight against the such action because this is immoral and impolite one. As socialist creature, we must apologize them. It means that we shouldn’t keep away from them but use our mind to distinguish and consider our suit attitude toward them •. Also as normal hur1’wn, we should give advise to the others. If they astray, we don’t excommunicate them because they also need love, care, attention, guidance, etc.

How to cure it? There are many ways which can De done. The first, try to lead them back to the right way, for example, guide them to learn the religion teaching, look couples to them, etc.

According to As-Sunnah Magazine, the punishments to the people who do homosexuality (in Arabic: Liwat) are:

  1. According to Abu Bakar As Shiddiq and Ali bin Abi Thalib, the subjects should be kil1ed because this is harder than adultery .
  2. According to Bin Ali Rabah, its punishment is the same with those who do adultery.
  3. The punishment to the people who do that is excommunication (in Arabic Ta’zir);



Encircle   : mengeli1ingi

Contradicts           : bcrtentangan

Excommunicate                 : mengasingkan

Contracted : diderita

gratitude : rasa syukur

Adultery : zinaself

propeller : orang mandiri

Astray : tersesat

Presented at AI-Markaz Al-Islami Mosque

On May  29, 2001

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