Jew’s cleverness, gift or effort

Jewish tribe is the cleverest tribe in the world. Let us see the important things which we use in a modem era are discovered by jew. Black berry as the most famous smart phone by Mike Lazary, Facebook ( Mark Zackerberg), Larry pages ( Google ), Lionel Messi as the Great football layer and Albert Einstein ( relativity theory in physic), etc.

Obviously, Zionism thinking and action are based on the belief that Israeli are selection people by God. They claimed that there is no other tribe that can equal the jewish tribe, not only in thinking, intelligence and civilization but also religiousness. Moreover, Al-Qur’an as holy book of Muslim justifies Jews’ special quality. It is recorded in Al-Baqaroh : 47. “0 children of Israel! Call to mind the (special) favor which I bestowed upon you. And that I preferred you to all other (for my message).

However, some scientist state that Jew’s cleverness is not a gift by the God, but it is based on their culture where every pregnant mother plays and listens to music every day. Research proves that some kind of music can influence embryo’s condition especially cleverness. In the some way, the pregnant mothers eat some foods which contain nutrition in order that their embryo will be a clever one in the future. In other words, Jews educate their
(young) generations start from embryo.

I personally think that, some Jews get a special quality by the god and it supports by daily activity and culture that can improve their cleverness. Some examples above are piece of people that do exercise to develop their talent. Even though they have a gift by god without any effort to develop it, it will be lost.

In conclusion, every single tribe or person has potential to be extraordinary. The one who maximize their potential will be the great one.


Discussed on January 10th 2013

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