Reading interest Crisis

Reading is a useful thing for us. It can improve our mind and know a lot of things. Reading a book is important for the people, especially for students. In campus or schools, most of students do not use their leisure time for reading. They prefer to chat or just via something on facebook or twitter. On the other hand, some children prefer watching TV than reading because their parents do not teach them about how important reading is.

In Japan, parents have planned to emphasize reading habit to their children by “15 minutes for reading mom and child” program. It is a good way to motivate their children spending their time by reading.

Based on the 2006 data of Badan Pusat Statistic (BPS), the number of reading interest is decreasing. It means that the people do not have reading interest. They prefer watching TV (85,9%), listening to radio (40.3%), than reading newspaper (23.5%). Nicholas Negroponto, A rofessor of Media Technology in Massachusetts institute of Technology said that, reading a book can build our imagination and metaphor in which we cannot get by watching TV or listening to music.

Students’ interest in reading is also influenced by their environment. The teacher as role model should give examples to their students by actively going to the library or carrying on the students to read in the library. In 2005, a research by trainee teacher in Aceh, Bandung, Medan and Surabaya found that almost 80% schools have low reading interest, 79% teachers read 1-2 hours a day. Some students at campus rarely come to the library to read a book. As acomparison, students in advanced country spend 8 hours a day to read, while the students in developing country spend only 2 hours a day to read (UNESCO, 2005)

Thus, reading a book is very important for our life. Parents and teachers have important role to teach their children/students how important reading for their future. Therefore, do not forget to read a book whenever and wherever we are!

Discussed on January 19th 2013

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