Teenagers Reach Puberty Earlier (Agus Putra Gowa)

Nowadays, teenagers reach their puberty earlier than before. Most of the teenagers reach their first menstruation on 11. Meanwhile, their breasts are getting bigger when they are 8. It is contrast with the teenagers in the past (in 1980s). Female teenagers reached their puberty on 13 years old and their breast grew when they were 11-12 years old.

Puberty is a period when a child having physical, psychological, and maturity sexual function. It is started on 8 up to 10 years old, and ended on 15 -16 years old. In this period, some teens have rapid growing process. It is signed by the first menstruation for the girls and wet dream for the boys.

In 2009, a study by some experts in Denmark found that female teenagers had puberty earlier than the previous generation. According o the expert, there are some factors caused this case:
1. Sexual stimulation by media

Some experts found that sexual stimulation by media, such as magazine, movie, TV, and musical video clip are able to raise the earlier puberty. According to the expert, without
– filtration from the media, teens can consume the media program and raise their sexual desire gradually.
2. Trend of obesity

one of the impact of obesity is that the raise of puberty before time.
3. Nutrition and health

“Parents play important role to fulfill their children nutrition. Generally, a girl needs a certain weight to have menstrustiOn, Today’s female teens have better nutrition than the teens in the past. That’s why, they are having menstruation earlier.” said Dr Franziska Baltzer, director of Children and Gynecology program at Montreal Children’s Hospital.
4. Chemical substance

According to Dr Mark Palmert, division of Endocrinology from The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto chemical substance in the environment, foods, and cosmetics can affect to the raise of earlier puberty. This research shows that chemical substance get into the body by estrogen which is able to affect the growth of breast of the teenagers.
Therefore, we should take care of the growth of children surround us. There must be a good guidance and information about puberty.

Discussed on January 29th 2013


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