Life after marriage sometimes put a woman in a dilemma situation; either she keeps being a career woman or totally being a housewife. Different consideration makes people different in viewing this matter.

Some people opine that woman may still have official job after getting married. Economic factor is one of their considerations. By working, a woman may help their husband to fulfill their daily needs which tend to be increasing lately. Furthermore, in a wide scope, it will pursue the economic growth of a country. It is based on the fact that potential number of woman is higher than man in terms of working field.

On the opposite side, some people are on the opinion that married woman has to focus on managing their household. They argue that by being full-housewife, a woman may dedicate all of her attention to the family, especially in educating the children in the best way. It is because they are the first and the primary education for the children. The future of children which mainly determines the future of a country depends too much on their parent’s role especially mother. Having said that woman indirectly contributes the country civilization.

I personally think that having a job for a married woman does not matter as long as they know how to manage their time properly between their job and family. But, being an official worker is not the best option. They may choose another job such as a business or a lecturer which is more flexible in terms of time and activity so that they can still execute their role as a housewife.

To conclude, in order for a woman to be able to play their role well as housewife and have any other profitable activity at the same time, she is better to choose the one which has more flexible time and busyness.

Discussed on February 5th 2013

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